The Many Benefits of Aerial Video Photography



Aerial video photography is the type of photography that involves a camera being placed high above the subject to take pictures of it. To be able to capture aerial video photographs, a photographer must go up a helicopter, airplane, glider, or hot air balloon to capture the perfect shot. As an alternative, the camera alone can also be secured on a kite, balloon, or tall pole, and pictures are taken by utilizing a remote control. High level aerial video photography is also possible with the use of parachutes, satellites, space stations, rockets, dirigibles, or blimps. One should take note that it really is not a necessity for the photographer to be up in the air along with the camera just to capture aerial video photographs. The reason being that remote or automatic controls can already get the job done from afar.

There are several uses when it comes to Aerial video photography Vancouver UAV drone. It is commonly used in doing motion picture production, surveillance, real estate, architectural studies, military planning, environmental impact studies, as well as mapping. Live blimp videos are also usually being taken during games and events being held in football stadiums. A lot of photos being captured from the air are being utilized in real estate sales, commercial advertising, as  well as land use planning. It is also being used newly in doing internet searches, art, animal and property surveys, and pollution verification.

A panoramic picture view is also made possible when aerial photographs are stitched together into one big photo of the area. You are guaranteed to get a flawless photo out of it. Though there are some disadvantages with aerial video photography compared with land-based photography when it comes to registration and perspective, these can be avoided when you hire a professional aerial video photographer. Model airplanes are also being used for aerial video photos. For aerial video photography, it is okay to use either video cameras or still cameras with remote controls, with or without the aid of an operator. Know more about videography at

There are actually a lot of professional photographers that take these kinds of videos and pictures. Most business companies of today that have plane access also go for taking aerial pictures of their own business establishments and buildings. Amateurs can also experiment with aerial video photography. They can do so by taking pictures from air using model airplanes, poles, and kites. Panorama cameras can also be used in aerial video photography. Stitching of several photos together is no longer necessary when you make use of this camera because of its extra wide angles.

Because Aerial video photography Vancouver UAV drone are also capable of providing one an aerial view of intersections that are busy, they can be used for traffic control. They can also be utilized as inside aerial cameras for store roofs or casinos.


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